Apple reminders on windows

If it were not for reminders, my trash would never make it to the curb. You can use reminders to make sure you never forget to pick up your kids from soccer practice or to remind you to pick up flowers on your anniversary. The options are endless. The simplest way to set a reminder in Windows 10 is by talking to your computer.

If not, press the Cortana icon, and then click on the microphone icon. Cortana is listening. Tell her what reminder you want her to set. Here are some examples:. Cortana will then pull up a screen where you can edit your reminder before setting it. Unfortunately, monthly reminders are not yet a feature. Are you trying to set a secret reminder about the surprise party for the person sitting next to you, or are you just not into talking to your computer? You can set reminders without talking to Cortana.

Launch Cortana. Then click on the reminders section. The blue boxes are editable. Person-based reminders are supposed to trigger when you receive an email, text, or call from a specific person. Hopefully, a Windows update in the future will get it working.

Place-based reminders are also designed mostly for phones that travel with you. My Windows computer stays on my desk, so I was not able to try it out.

apple reminders on windows

When the reminder goes off, a small box will appear above your Action Center in the bottom right of your screen. You can choose to snooze the reminder for up to a day or mark it as complete to make it go away. Your participation helps us to help others.

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Ashley is a mom, engineer, writer, and lover of gadgets and doing things efficiently. View more articles by Ashley Blood. The Conversation Follow the reactions below and share your own thoughts.Learn what to do if you need help. For example, the changes that you made on one device didn't appear on all of your devices. Make sure that iCloud Contacts, Calendars, and Reminders are available. If there's an issue, try again after it's fixed. If there isn't an issue, try these steps.

Shared reminders are also not accessible to users with earlier versions of iOS and macOS, until they upgrade. If your contacts, calendars, and reminders are in iCloud, then iCloud automatically updates your information.

See if your information is in iCloud or a third-party account, like Google or Yahoo. Then change your default account to iCloud. Changing your default account to iCloud will not move your existing information from a third-party service to iCloud. To see which account your calendars are in, open the Calendar app, then tap the Calendars tab. Since the iCloud Birthdays calendar updates daily, you might not see changes to birthdays in the Calendars app until the next day.

Once you turn Reminders back on, your reminders will be re-synced to your device.

apple reminders on windows

Restart your device. Here's how to restart your iPhoneiPador iPod touch. Since the iCloud Birthdays calendar updates hourly, you might not see changes to birthdays in the Contacts or Calendars app for an hour. If you use multiple accounts on your Mac like iCloud, Gmail, and Yahoo, make sure that iCloud is your default Calendar account:. After you set up iCloud Reminders, you might need to quit and reopen Reminders on your Mac.

Then make sure that you set up your account correctly in Reminders:. If you use multiple accounts on your Mac like iCloud, Gmail, and Yahoo, make sure that iCloud is your default Contacts account:. If you don't see all your updates or have another issue, try these steps on iCloud. If you get a calendar request that you think might be spam or junk, let us know. Sign in to iCloud. We'll automatically delete the event from your Calendar on all your devices signed in with the same Apple ID. Learn how to manage Add-ins with Microsoft Outlook.

If you still need help, contact Apple Support. You can also use these steps to remove duplicate contacts or calendars. Information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement. Apple assumes no responsibility with regard to the selection, performance, or use of third-party websites or products.I forget everything — including adding a to-do task in the app sometimes.

However, some apps are better for they offer more features and have the edge over others. So in this post, we decided to stack it up against the popular to-do app from Microsoft known as Microsoft To-Do. It comes preinstalled on all of them. Similar to other Apple apps, you cannot download it on Windows or Android devices. To use it on these operating systems, you will have to rely on the iCloud website to access your reminders.

So maybe the Mac app might arrive in the near future. For now, you can access it from its website on any platform or sync with a workaround on macOS. Further, if you own a Windows or Android device, Microsoft offers dedicated apps for them. Both have different user interface.

In both the apps, the first screen shows various lists with the number of tasks in each of them. Tap on the list to see its tasks. While in Microsoft To-Do, the search icon is at the top and New list button is easily accessible at the bottom.

Fortunately, can tap anywhere in the list on both the apps, and you will be able to add a task. To add more details, just tap on the task. Both apps support gestures. In Reminders, left swipe reveals Delete and More buttons.

No action is assigned to the right swipe. In Microsoft To-Do, both right and left swipe work. While left swipe deletes the task, the right swipe lets you move the task to a different list and add it to My Day list.

The swipe to delete gesture also works for lists on the home screen in the To-Do app. That feature is missing in Reminders. To quickly identify lists, you can color code them. While both apps support color coding, it is more prominent in the Reminders app as it applies to list title. Things are different for the To-Do app where the color code is limited to the list icon only making it difficult to identify. On the bright side, it supports themes and colors inside lists.

Again, in both the apps you can manually reorder lists by holding and dragging them. That also works for list items in Reminders.Transitioning from a Windows computer to a Mac environment requires a little re-education as you familiarize yourself with the programs on the Mac, as well as the features and methods of accessing everything. Both of these applications integrate seamlessly between your devices through the iCloud service that is attached to your Apple ID, which makes it very easy to update your notes or reminders from any device, then have your changes be applied to all of the devices that sync with your iCloud account.

But if you are at work or on a Windows computer, you might be wondering how to access that information. Taking advantage of this option requires you to have the settings properly configured on all of your devices, so we are just going to briefly run through properly configuring Notes and Reminders to sync with iCloud on your iPhone.

The process is similar on a Mac or iPad as well; you just need to ensure that your Notes and Reminders are both set to sync from every device on which you want to use those features. The screenshots shown below were created on an iPhone running an older version of iOS, but the steps are still the same for iPhones using newer versions of iOS. Step 3: Press the button to the right of Reminders and Notes so that they say On.

Again, you will need to ensure that all of your Apple devices are configured this way so that everything is syncing simultaneously as you make a change on any device, or using the Windows browser option that we are going to spell out below.

I am going to be doing this through the Google Chrome browser, but you can use whichever browser you prefer. The iCloud browser interface is essentially a website where most of your synced iCloud data can be accessed.

Note that you can also check the Keep me signed in box if you do not want to have to re-enter your credentials each time you visit this site. Step 4: Click the Notes or Reminders icon to view the items that are synced to your iCloud account. You can then view, edit or create new items in each of these apps, and the changes will sync to all of the other devices that are signed into your iCloud account. The only notes that will display in the browser are the ones that are stored in the iCloud folder on your device.

You may have several different folders in your Notes app, such as ones tied to your email account, or even folders that are only stored on the device. There is also an iCloud Control Panel application that you can install on your Windows computer that allows you to interact with your iCloud storage in some other different ways.

Read this article to learn more about installing and configuring that application. Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. Store Categories Programs Reviews Devices. Last updated: December 27, Transitioning from a Windows computer to a Mac environment requires a little re-education as you familiarize yourself with the programs on the Mac, as well as the features and methods of accessing everything.

Accessing iCloud Through a Web Browser Taking advantage of this option requires you to have the settings properly configured on all of your devices, so we are just going to briefly run through properly configuring Notes and Reminders to sync with iCloud on your iPhone.

Open the Settings menu. Open the iCloud menu.

How to Get Apple Reminders on Windows

Set Notes and Reminders to sync. Navigate to the iCloud website. Sign into your iCloud account. Filed Under: Internet Tagged With: icloud. Return to top of page.RemindMe is a simple, but powerful, reminders application for Windows!

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Watch your reminders count down in real time! RemindMe integrates deeply with Windows 8. Get toast notifications for reminders, see your next reminders on the live tile, sync your reminders across your Windows 8.

You can even pin the compose screen to Start to quickly create new reminders. With an amazing, easy-to-use UI and features like live countdowns, RemindMe is the Windows 8 reminder or task manger, or to do list, or countdown app to beat. Oh, and it is completely free with no ads or upsell. What's not to like? This latest update is simply bug fixes. Trying this for recurring duties at work that I don't want clogging up my actual calendar.

I am trying the pause option Pretty easy to use though. Worked for two days, then stopped loading. The red screen comes up for a second, then disappears.

It's not even listed in programs and there is no way to uninstall the app. I have tried setting several reminders to pay bills. I never get any of the reminders. Using Outlook instead. I gave it four stars because sometimes when I edit a entry it duplicates it in the reminders. It would seem as this is an excellent app for setting and then being reminded of any reminder your heart desires! I need recurring reminders like every hour reminding me to take a break from screen.

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Works perfectly.! This worked perfectly and I totally loved it, originally giving it five stars. Aaaand then it stopped working. Did a Windows 10 update destroy it? I've uninstalled, reinstalled, but no luck. Clicking on it will not load.

Re-install did not help either. This app will not work in windows I had it with windows 8, and it worked well. It still gives me the reminders that I had set, but now with windows 10 the app won't open so I can add more reminders or change my previous ones.

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Translate to English. Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store. Available to United States residents. By clicking sign up, I agree that I would like information, tips, and offers about Microsoft Store and other Microsoft products and services. Privacy Statement. Skip to main content.Apple has made some excellent improvements to the Reminders application for MacsiPhones and iPadsthough it works a little differently and you need to upgrade all the devices you use with the system to get the most from it.

A limited feature-set made it more of a personal reminder system until now, but the latest improvements make it more valuable for work-related task handling. The Notifications during messages feature is very useful. Turn it on and you will receive a reminder when you are speaking to someone in Messages. As an example, Apple talks about a reminder to send a flight itinerary to someone during a Messages conversation.

The upgraded Reminders app requires that you also upgrade all the devices you use in order to access he latest features. This means that iCloud reminders are only available on your other devices if they are running the latest software; reminders created on devices that do not run the latest software will only be visible on other devices running that version of the software.

When you update an old device to the latest software, any new reminders created on the device in the old iOS will be lost. And if you create a reminder on a device running the latest edition of the application without actually opening it such as setting a reminder with Siri those reminders will also be lost when you launch the app. Open the app and tap the list you want to add a reminder to, or tap Add List to create a new list of reminders.

When you create a reminder inside the app, you also gain access to the quick toolbar. You can ask Siri to set reminders. If you have set your home or work address in Contacts then Siri will understand location-based reminders, also.

You can set reminders from within other apps. Tap the Share button and type the reminder. Tap Details and in the subsequent screen you can set priorities, add the reminder to a specific list and choose date, time and enable alarms for that reminder.

When you look through your lists of reminders you will see a circled "I" to the right of each one. Tap that item to edit the reminder.

apple reminders on windows

The edit menu lets you define places day, date, time and locations for reminders. You can also add notes, include a URL and set priority. It is also possible to set different notification times and frequencies.

Smart lists are four pre-chosen collections of reminders that show automatically on the main Reminders screen. Tap on the Today, Scheduled, Flagged or All reminders buttons to find reminders drawn from across all your reminders lists. For example, if you have work and personal reminders, and need to take your medication every few hours, you should find all those reminders in the Today item. The quick toolbar pops up when you type a new reminder.

It shows you which list you are in and the contents of your reminder. You can also flag reminders and add attachments to them in the form of photos from yor photo library, camera, or scanned using your camera.

Subtasks are reminders that live inside the main reminder. Think of these like the smaller tasks you need to complete in order to finish a larger task. There are three ways to create these:. Jonny is a freelance writer who has been writing mainly about Apple and technology since Here are the latest Insider stories.

More Insider Sign Out. Sign In Register. Sign Out Sign In Register. Latest Insider.A lot of us are spending our entire day in front of our PCs. I know I am.

How to Set Reminders on Your Windows 10 Desktop

In such a scenario, it makes sense to have a reminder app of some kind for my Windows-powered desktop computer. I need some me-time as well and constant mobile reminders can be a turnoff.

Maybe, I should leave my reminders on my PC? With this thought in mind, I started looking for reminder apps and found some amazing ones. So, here are some of the best reminder apps for Windows for different types of users with different types of needs. Although late to the scene, Cortana is already making waves.

While you can use the virtual assistant for much complex tasks, you can also use it to set simple reminders. Just launch Cortana on your Windows 10 PC or smartphones no support for preview versions and ask her: Remind me to call Dad on Friday or remind me to pick up laundry in one hour. You can also set location-based reminders so Cortana will only remind you to pick laundry when you are in the vicinity. You can set person-based reminders so the next time you are chatting with your boss, Cortana will remind you to send that file.

You can easily manage all your existing reminders and make changes as necessary. Cortana is free to use and is only available for Windows 10 users. Visit Cortana Free. You will find a medicine box in every home. This is not a major problem as long as you remember to take them on time.

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Pillbox is a medicine reminder app for Windows that will help you remember the pop your pills on time. Enter the name and dosage of the pill along with time and days of the week you are supposed to take them. Now, Pillbox will notify you when your pills are due. Trust me, this can literally save your lives. All the data will sync to your Microsoft OneDrive account. There is a calendar mode where you can see your frequency and all the days you missed your medication. Download Pillbox Free. RemindMe for Windows is a free app that was built from the ground up for the Windows 10 platform.

The developer has focused on usability and functionality rather than bells and whistles. A simple and fast app that will allow you to set reminders in no time using the live tile shortcut.

When you set a relative timer, you will see a countdown timer ticking. You can also set absolute reminders date and time.

Keeping in line with the UI of Windows 10, it comes with a live tile format. You can sync these reminders with Windows 8 devices if you have any! Download RemindMe for Windows Free. Where RemindMe was a simple little app focused on doing one thing, Desktop Reminder comes laden with features. There are a lot of ways to customize the app like skins, tones, profiles, and alarms. You can use Desktop Reminder to set up reminders for tasks as well as events.


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